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What I'm doing now

Updated May 18, 2024

Working on a book

Just drafting and freewriting now, as it's easier to edit a bad page than a blank one.

Straightening up porch, patio for outdoor season

... and planting some flowers here and there. I recently went to a garden fair and got some native plants. Dug some holes, plunked them in, and, whoa, they appear to be thriving! Maybe because this is where they evolved to grow??

Decluttering my house

I am artificially organized; getting rid of things is hard for me. I am also creative, which means I can always envision a situation in which something might come in handy. So I keep a spreadsheet tally of things I've gotten rid of, to motivate myself. I also keep a list of reasons why it is good to get rid of things. Both the spreadsheet and the list are helpful for me.

This now page inspired by Derek Sivers